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Our engineers and staff have solid CVs, but this is just the beginning . . . our drive is to focus our in-depth knowledge to deliver smart, value-added service.


What we do

MEP Design

Whether it's a tenant fit-out, a new school, or an intense multi-family rehab, a solid MEP design will ensure smooth construction. Responsive communication occurs at every stage of the project, as we share our experience and insight to provide guidance at the most crucial times of the project.

PEEr Review

When a second look is needed, we review our peer's drawings and specs to look for scope-holes, code vulnerabilities, and cost & energy savings. We then take a step back and look at the high-level view, to see if this is in-line with the client's facility and maintenance goals.


Although MEP commissioning (Cx) has become more commonplace, it's practice is still varied. We leverage our design and construction experience, as well as broad Cx experience, to go beyond standard de-bugging. Buildings are now more sophisticated than ever - your testing and Cx should be too.

Building Analysis

A quick litmus test of a building's performance is the Energy Star benchmark; this is but one of the Analysis services that we offer. From in-depth problem solving, to pre-closing due diligence, strategic planning, and everything in-between, we offer well-seasoned MEP analysis to review any type of commercial building.