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Brookings Institution / Washington University of St. Louis 8th Floor Conference Room Conversion

This designed reconfigured a majority of the top floor of an existing office building, creating 3 large conference rooms, a break-out area, and support areas. Work included two new rooftop HVAC units (at the sightline-sensitive at Massachusetts Avenue), relocation of another RTU, and coordination with A/V and movable partitions. We also expanded the existing core bathrooms and added a new standalone bathroom to accommodate increased fixture load, as required for the new occupancy. Work included close coordination with the structural team (for new RTU penetrations) and the base building management (to re-balance the remaining air from the building system and integrate new life safety devices and controls into the existing system). 

Location: Washington, DC

Basic Data: 8,000 SF Renovation of the top floor 12-story Hi-Rise Office Building (conversion to office/classrooms)

MEP Data: New Rooftop HVAC units, specialty (high outside air) HVAC, multi-feature lighting controls.

Creative Minds Charter School

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Basic Data:

MEP Data: