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Ridge House Lobby

This project renovated a high-traffic apartment building lobby, with updated lighting, security, and convectors. Storm piping and drainage was designed for a large outside portico/overhang for pedestrians at the building entry. 

Location:        Arlington, Virginia

Basic Data:     1,300 SF. Lobby & Outdoor Portico within a 12-story Hi-Rise Apartment Building

MEP Data:      Portico Storm Drainage, Lighting, new Convectors

Kennebec Apartments

This project entailed the addition of two new ‘infill’ apartments to the existing 19-unit Kennebec Apartment building at 610 Kennebec Street in Takoma Park, MD. An MEP site survey was conducted to review all existing MEP equipment and utility entrances. A separate HVAC hi-efficiency ductless split system was designed for each apartment. Our design included related ducts, ventilation, exhausts, condensate, and exterior locations for new condensing units. We provided new power and lighting for both apartments, and we were able to re-use the existing sanitary and water services saving the client additional cost.

Location:        Takoma Park, MD

Basic Data:     1,100 SF. 2 new ‘infill’ apartments within an existing building.

MEP Data:      New hi-efficiency ductless split systems for each apartment. New/renovated electrical, water, sanitary, gas, and vent systems.

2009 Benning Road

2009 Benning Road is an existing 3-story commercial building, which is being fully gutted and transformed into a 4-story, 4 apartment multi-family residence.

Location:        Washington, DC

Basic Data:     Approx. 4000 total SF over 4 stories, including areas for storm / green roof, and within an existing building.

MEP Data:      Gas-fired mechanical split systems for each apartment; designed fully new utility entries in coordination with the Civil Engineer. New fire alarm, standpipe, and sprinkler systems.

Baltimore Loft Apartments

This project transformed a 7-story mixed office building into a 20-unit multi-family residence. The ground and basement floors contain a restaurant, which was preserved in the renovation (integrating its grease exhaust and other utilities with the new overall design). The design team utilized specialized calculation within the Existing Building Code to retain the building’s historic character (and all aspects of design, including MEP, were subject to historic review).

Location:        Baltimore, Maryland

Basic Data:     14,000 SF Level 3 Alteration of masonry and wood mid-rise building.

MEP Data:      The design leveraged extra space in the high ceilings to stack water heaters above dryer closets (also utilizing horizontal-ceiling AHUs). Plumbing mains were design to be installed in a unified portion underneath the 2nd floor floorboards, in order to minimize construction disturbance to the occupied restaurant below. New utility entries were coordinated with BG&E, along with a re-integrated sprinkler and fire alarm system.nd sprinkler systems.