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Woodside Synagogue

Our Team conducted a study focusing on methods to mitigate the propagation of Covid-19 through mechanical systems in the main sanctuary, study hall, and social hall. The study reviewed ventilation, air filtrations and overall design intent in an effort to re-open after lockdown.  Recommendations included repairs to ventilation and filter racks, and sizing/routing of ventilation ducts within the existing structure, as well as discussion of disinfection methods (UV-C, etc.).

Location:        Silver Spring, MD

Basic Data:    10,000 SF Synagogue Building 

MEP Data:      Air Filtration, Medium-duty Split-System Air Handlers, Ventilation Analysis

Temple Isaiah – Addition

Temple Isaiah is an existing synagogue with a large sanctuary, commercial kitchen, library, offices, and classrooms. Two new additions along with a courtyard infill were added to create 6,750 SF of classrooms, storage, social halls and new library.

Location:      Fulton, MD

Basic Data:    6,750 SF Synagogue Building Addition 

MEP Data:     Roof Top Units, Energy Recover Wheel, Storm Water Design

Ohr HaTorah

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Basic Data:

MEP Data: