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Todd Friedman, PE, LEED AP

Let’s start with the basics . . . is the design within the owner’s scope? Is it up to code? Will it function well, the first day? Is it build-able?

friedman1-reducedToo often, MEP engineers pass by the basics. Yes, we can do things better and greener than ever before. Yes, there’s an exciting array of building technologies that can add a lot of value to a facility. But we’re not doing our job unless we’ve taken care of your basic needs from square-one.

I founded Friedman Engineering LLC to provide a hands-on, best-in-class design and consulting company, coordinating directly with owners, architects, and contractors. If you’re a retailer, we want to make sure your lighting meets the energy code, but we’ll also make it easy to control and aiming in the right areas. If you’re undergoing an office renovation, we’ll want to maximize the your HVAC performance, even if your base-building system is antiquated. If you’re a condo developer, we’ll make sure to get the details on the drawings–before they become change orders. The key is to take care of the basics, communicate proactively, and present innovative solutions in a clear, accessible manner.

It also helps to have some experience. I’m able to draw on over 25 years of work in the commercial MEP market–as a designer, as an owner’s rep/commissioning agent, and as a contractor. After sitting on all sides of the table, I can truly appreciate the viewpoints of all project stakeholders. Additionally, I can appreciate the benefit of doing so much work in the Washington DC region, home to some of the strictest–but most thoughtful–code reviewers in the country. This means that we can anticipate code problems well ahead of time, before they stress our clients for cost and time.

Friedman Engineering, LLC was formed to provide bright and practical MEP solutions for today’s fast-moving construction climate. We want our clients to feel at-ease with our designs, knowing that we’re just a phone call or car-ride away, ready to walk through new ideas or unexpected challenges.


  • Commercial MEP Design
    • Office
    • Retail
    • Restaurant
    • Multi-family & Hotel
    • Mixed-Use
    • Campus
    • K thru 12
    • Hi-tech
    • Historic
    • Medical
  • Single Family & Townhome
  • ASHRAE Energy Audits
  • LEED, Energy Star, Enterprise Green
  • Historic Renovation
  • Fast Track
  • Fundamental Commissioning
  • Enhanced Commissioning
  • Building Evaluations & Due Diligence
  • Energy Star Certification
  • 3rd Party Peer Reviews
  • Building Investigations & Dispute Resolution
  • Construction Administration
  • Civil & Utility Coordination
  • AutoCAD, Revit, Bluebeam


  • Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, 1997
  • Professional Engineering Licenses: Maryland, DC, Virginia, and New York; NCEES (nation-wide license reciprocity).
  • Member, ASHRAE, since 1997. Previous work includes member & handbook chair for TC 4.3 (Ventilation & Infiltration), NCC Programs chair. (ASHRAE is the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Engineers).
  • Member, International Code Council.
  • Member, American Society of Plumbing Engineers.
  • Member, National Fire Protection Association